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Sustainable fitness, mobility, & performance.  Learn how to train smarter, move better, and live healthier!

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Personal Training

We have several Certified Personal Trainers on staff with various specialties.  Training is customized to each individuals’ goals, fitness level, and needs.  We have several training options available to fit any budget and goal ranging from One-on-One, to semi-private, and groups by request.  All training is pay-as-you-go and there are NO contracts. 

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Sports Performance Training

Available as a one-on-one or group option, Sports Performance Training is for student or adult athletes who want to improve speed, agility, quickness and overall athleticism.  Sports Performance training also serves as injury prevention for all populations.  

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Yoga, Mobility, & Breath Work Coaching

Our instructor Laura teaches a sustainable approach to yoga and breathwork by uniting modern movement science with ancient practices to provide safe, practical exercises that deliver results.  Suitable for all fitness levels. All services are available in-person or virtually.    

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Health & Wellness Coaching

Alix is our Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She has experienced first hand how working on all the factors that influence wellness has made great changes in her health and happiness. Now she is passionate about helping you find what health and wellness looks like in your unique life and body. 

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What makes OG Fitness different from a commercial gym?

OG Fitness is a private gym housing personal training, sports performance training, yoga, health coaching and so much more..

Looking for classes or Training Packages? 

You can view and book our classes and packages online or by using our booking app, Vagaro.  Click here to pre-register for your classes, view and purchase packages, or Book a FREE consultation.  

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Online Training Programs

Browse our digital products and find the right one for you.  You can train at home or at your own gym with the guidance and programming from Certified coaches.  We want to see you succeed no matter where you train! 

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